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5 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change: Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

Your car engine is a complex system. To work smoothly, it needs consistent care. You need to change the oil at regular intervals. Regular oil changes are important for your car. But, how can we find the right time to change the oil? Here are the 5 key signs to show you need an oil change.

Engine noise

Did you listen to an unusual engine noise? Check if your engine produces a knocking, rattling, or grinding noise. It may indicate that lubrication is not proper. When the oil is dirty, it loses viscosity and does not protect your engine anymore. Visit your nearest Show Low oil change service to find the exact reasons for the noise.

Dark and dirty oil

Check the oil in the oil tank. Is the oil gritty, dark, and smelly? It indicates that you need to change the oil. Oil might have been polluted with dirt, debris, and other impurities. Such oil can damage your engine life if not changed. Keep checking the oil with dipstick at regular intervals.

Lower fuel efficiency

Did you notice a decrease in the fuel efficiency of your car? It indicates that you need to change the oil. It means your engine is not lubricated properly. This makes the engine to work hard. This will increase the fuel consumption and lower performance. If you notice any change in the engine performance, it is most possibly due to issues with the oil.

Smoky exhaust

If you notice a lot of smoke in the exhaust, it can be a cause for concern. In case your exhaust begins to look like a chimney, it indicates that your oil is too old. It indicates that the oil is burning inside the engine. Even if you do not find smoky exhaust, even a sweet smell from the exhaust also means you need to change the oil.

The Illuminated Oil Change Light

Most of the vehicles today come with an oil change light. The light may turn on based on several factors which include mileage, time, and engine operating conditions. It also comes up when there is a drop in the oil pressure. Never ignore these lights as they can lead to breakdowns. Is the light is not working? Visit your oil change service near Show Low to get it repaired.

Why should you change your oil regularly?

Changing the engine oil can bring several benefits.

  • Reduced engine wear and tear – Regular oil change helps keep your vehicle engine in good shape.
  • Improved performance – Clean oil will make your engine keep working smoothly. This will maximize horsepower and fuel efficiency.
  • Enhanced fuel economy – Clean oil can reduce friction. This leads to a better fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced emissions – Proper lubrication of the engine ensures a cleaner emission.

These signs help you understand if you need oil change. Make sure to change the oil right on time. This will save you money and unwanted repairs. So, keep your eyes open to signs of oil change requirements. Your car will thank you for it.